Robotic Process Automation
Leave it to robots to handle repetitive tasks.

The robotic process automation (RPA) is an automation technology that turns simple and repetitive computer work done by people into algorithms to program software robots to emulate those actions by following certain rules.

Various applications of RPA

There are companies that have never implemented RPA, but there are no companies that implemented RPA just once.

    • Reduced IT burden

      No changes to legacy systems

    • Reliable

      Always delivers results on time

    • Reduced cost

      Work hours reduced for simple, repetitive tasks

    • No coding needed

      Easy to operate and learn even for non-developers

    • Accuracy

      No human errors (typos, wrong inputs, omission, sleeping on the job)

    • Productivity

      Bot speed > Human speed

    • Specialization

      Able to focus on high value added tasks

    • Continuity

      Executes work using the same method

Experience the successful journey
of efficient RPA with the best RPA experts.

ISPark is an RPA expert with profound experiences in RPA construction and operation in numerous fields including public, pharmaceuticals, food, finance, logistics and manufacturing.

  • 1


  • 2


    • Less than 10 processes
    • Quick (ROI) verification
  • 3


    • Discover and develop to expand tasks for automation
    • Quick implementation using agile methods
    • Continuous enhancement of automation competency and verified automatic effect
  • 4


    • High ROI / resources secured
    • Revolutionary operation index improvement
    • Automated recognition/AI technology grafted tasks
    • Wider application
    • Innovative digital worker-based work process

RPA Transformation Journey

RPA Transformation Journev