Content Management System(bizGATE CMS+)

Easy-to-use Content Management System

bizGATE CMS+ is a content management system (CMS) that methodically manages content based on their lifecycle and
enhances both work efficiency and productivity in a single system.


Content Lifecycle Management

Integrated Site Management

Use bizGATE CMS+
and experience efficient and stable website operations.

  • Fast content update Field managers can modify the content firsthand through bizGATE CMS+.

  • Time and cost reduction Utilize bizGATE CMS+ functions and reduce time and cost required for building and operating a website.

  • Improved content quality Enhance your content quality through an HTML editor compatible with the content approval/review process and web accessibility.

  • Content Expandability A single content can be used in numerous menus and websites via various channels (web and mobile).

  • Content History Management The View Content Change History and Restore functions make it easy to mend any errors.

Content Management System Based on Standard e-Gov Framework

bizGATE CMS+ offers the 8 functions
for operating a website.

  • 1 / 8

    Template Management

    Input Templates Management (content attribute management)
    Generates automatic content processing screen
    Expression template (XSLT standard template)

  • 2 / 8

    Categorization System Management

    Website and channel management
    Content category management
    System link with menus to attain one multi-use source
    Restricted access to content category

  • 3 / 8

    Content Management

    Processing screens per content type
    Built-in HTML editor that supports web accessibility and standards
    Functions to edit images and create thumbnails and watermarks
    Content history and version management

  • 4 / 8

    Bulletin Board Management

    Automatically creates various types of bulletin boards
    Wide range of bulletin functions
    Offers assorted designs by applying skins
    Restricted bulletin board access

  • 5 / 8

    Workflow Approval Management

    Approval request for content services
    Supports 5-step approval processes
    Review contents in advance via preview function

  • 6 / 8

    Distribution Management

    Able to distribute to multiple sites/servers
    Multi-distribution settings including operational and development systems
    Metadata DB distribution function

  • 7 / 8

    Operation Management

    Pop up/banner management
    Content satisfaction management
    Access log / private information access log management
    Access IP management
    Statistics management

  • 8 / 8

    System Management

    Codes management
    User/group management
    Access management
    Menu management

Key Functions (Content Management)

The CMS content management module offers many types of content input screens through input templates function and enables easy and fast content creation via WYSIWYG Editor where the website manager can directly make changes to content on the website's pages.

  • Create content processing screen

    Create content processing screen

  • Make content

    Make content

  • Contents preview and distribution

    Contents preview and distribution

Key Functions (Bulletin Board Management)

Various types and functions are added to the core functions of the bulletin board, which provide website information and content editing.
In addition to the basic functions, desired functions can be added to the bulletin board as needed.

  • Bulletin Board Management

    Bulletin Board Management

  • Various Types of Bulletin Boards

    Various Types of Bulletin Boards